Sector: Industrials & Business Services
Investment Phase: Venture Capital

Revolutionising Big Data Analysis

Hadean was founded in 2015 to address two significant issues. The first being that big data engineering is much harder than it should be and requires new advanced technology, and secondly that Moore’s Law would end shortly increasing the amount of effort required to bring simple algorithms to production.

The major factor driving the need for Hadean is the rise of big data and the increasing sophistication of AI. In 2015, the total spend in data science and big data engineering was $190 billion and this is projected to exceed $270 billion in 2019 at which point the shortage of trained big data engineers will result in a tapering off of the market. Hadean’s business model is a Platform-as-a-Service that runs on the cloud and puts power in the hands of data scientists to do analyses at any data-scale. It seeks to entirely eliminate the need for big data engineering. Using Hadean, tasks that would normally take a team of several big data engineers a period of six months, can be accomplished by a single individual writing a pure algorithm in a matter of weeks.

White Cloud is the single largest investor after the founders, having led the investment round with participation from well-respected angel investors in the sector.