Sector: Healthcare
Investment Phase: Growth Capital

Giving Life a Helping Hand

The Fertility Partnership is the leading provider of IVF and related fertility services in the UK. The partnership was founded in 2012 by the merging of the IVF centres associated with Oxford University and Imperial College, London, and has since expanded throughout the UK, Poland and beyond, with the vision to create one of the leading IVF treatment groups in Northern Europe. In the UK the group has centres in London, Glasgow, Burton-upon-Trent, Nottingham, Oxford, Southampton and Reading. The group also had an IVF centre in Krakow in Poland, which is Europe’s fastest growing IVF market. In addition, through its majority ownership of Reprogenetics UK, the group controls ~50% of the UK’s embryo diagnostics market.

The partnership is co-owned with some of the UK’s leading reproductive physicians, and has strong underlying principles of academia, research and clinical excellence. Each centre and their primary clinical staff pursue research across reproductive health, with over 120 peer-reviewed papers since 2000. The partnership collaborates closely with the University of Oxford in running its MSc in Clinical Embryology course, which is based in the Institute of Reproductive Sciences where the Oxford Fertility’s facility is housed.