Sector: Healthcare
Investment Phase: Venture Capital

Artificial Intelligence For
Real Time Health Biometrics

Biobeats is a way to tune in to the body’s signals and learn to feel better.

Using existing consumer wearable devices and smartphones, this cloud-based program gathers biometric information about user wellbeing – ‘learning’ the individual or group and displaying a unique profile on a personal dashboard. The software monitors wellbeing on a number of metrics, using the insights gathered to generate an integrated coaching programme around wellbeing goals. This information can interface with HR systems and productivity suites; delivering insights on workforce wellbeing and productivity – while helping users develop healthy responses and build mindful awareness into daily life.

This Application Programming Interface (API) is currently undergoing advanced pilot programmes in major UK healthcare companies. Following early successes and positive uptake, Biobeats is now negotiating larger roll outs both in the UK and US with some of the most successful companies in the world.

White Cloud is the single largest investor after the founders, having led the investment round with participation from AXA Strategic and IQ Capital.