Sector: Healthcare
Investment Phase: Venture Capital

Professional Home Care
for Asia’s Elderly

Active Global Specialized Caregivers, based in Singapore, provides specialized domiciliary caregivers for elderly patients with dementia, depression, Alzheimer’s, stroke & heart disease, visual and hearing impairment and Parkinson’s.

Active Global also provides domiciliary services to bed-bound and wheelchair patients, cancer patients, and new-born babies. The company’s vision is to make ‘Professional and Affordable Home Care’ a reality in Asia’s developed markets.

Founded in 2013, Active Global currently provides domiciliary caregiver services in Singapore, Hong Kong and China (Shanghai). The company has established caregiver recruiting stations in Myanmar, the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and India.

White Cloud is the single largest investor after the founders, having led the investment round along with investors in Hong Kong.